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Bijagos islands, well worth visiting

The Archipelago of Bijagós is  one of those paradises  maintained where it is  not too difficult  to find  a wild beach where Green Turtles are laying their eggs and we can enjoy the setting with music and dances  with the locals. Especially attractive are the celebrations  of Carnaval in February where the masks,  with the ritual dances bring ancestral magic to the tropical nights of this paradise.


Guinea Bissau Travel Guide

Guinea-Bissau is a small country, most friendly and welcoming. With northern border with Senegal, , to the south and east; Guinea and the west; the Atlantic Ocean, where we find the fantastic Bijagós Archipelago.

Guinea-Bissau, previously a Portuguese Colony from the XV century until the 70's. Is now an independent Republic with its Capital, BISSAU, where we find the major part of the population.

The official language is Portuguese but in the streets you will hear mainly a local dialect “Krioiu”.

The country is very low lying; nothing higher than 300 metres above sea level. It is crossed by many rivers, (CacheuCorubal y Geba) and there are many beautiful and surprising beaches along the Atlantic coast.

You can download an updated guide (2018) from Guinea Bissau at the following link:

Discovering Guinea-Bissau

Bijagos hotels

There is a wide variety of tourist accomodation, all respecting the great variety of local flora and fauna.  We have available a list of hotels in the Bijagos islands for visitors looking for Bijagos biosphere reserve, beaches, fishing, carnival and relaxing. 

Bijagos hotels list