Our speedboats offer sightseeing tours with expert guides to ensure a comfortable and safe experience of an unforgettable visit. The Bolama-Bijagos Archipelago Biosphere Reserve is a must-visit due to its diversity of flora and fauna, including unique animal species and inhabitants of ancient culture. The best way to explore it is by visiting the Orango Natural Parks and the João Vieira e Poilão National Marine Park, where you can see unique saltwater hippos in the world, manatees, turtles, and crocodiles, as well as an immense variety of birds and fish in a natural setting suspended in time. On Orango Island, you can visit the tabanca (village) of Eticoga, where the mausoleum of the last queen of the Bijagos, Okimka-Pampa, is located.

Another tour we offer is a visit to the old capital, Bolama, filled with history and mansions abandoned since 1941, and to Canhabaque Island where you can take a walk through a tropical forest, discovering different villages (tabancas) and ending up on a paradisiacal beach. Additionally, we offer trips to Bruce Beach in Bubaque, to Monkey Island in Orangozinho, crossing the famous mangroves, or to other sacred places of the Bijagos Islands.

We customize tour programs around the Bijagos Islands according to the client's available days, including boat, guide, transfers, and hotels in the capital Bissau and on the Bijagós Islands. The hotels we book in both Bissau and the Bijagós Islands are 4* or higher.

The Bijagos archipelago in Guinea Bissau and the Hotel Ponta Anchaca


We display reference prices for one-day tours that include the rental of a speedboat with crew and capacity for up to 10 passengers. The company does not organize groups, although in the high season from December to April, there may be demand for tours to the same destination on the same day. Please inquire about this.

For a customized trip with a larger passenger capacity, other destinations, or longer duration, consult us to configure the trip according to the traveler's interests (nature, animals, anthropology, fishing, etc.). Also indicate if lodging in the Bijagos islands and Bissau is required.

1-day routes:

Bissau - Bubaque - BissauPrice: 500.000xof/762€
Bissau - Bolama - Bubaque - BissauPrice: 550.000xof/838€
Bissau - Bolama - Canhabaque - Bissau
(The visit to Canhabaque will take place whenever the tide allows it)
Price: 575.000xof/877€
Bissau - Orango - BissauPrice: 600.000xof/915€
Bissau - Orango - Bubaque - BissauPrice: 650.000xof/990€

This price includes the round trip on the same day. If the return trip is not made on the same day, each day/night of waiting for the speedboat at the destination will incur an additional cost of 15%. 


Telephone contacts:

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Patche: +245 969 12 50 05

Europe Office: +34 944 800 375

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Guinea-Bissau has beautiful beaches, ancient cultural traditions, historical heritage from the time of Portuguese Guinea, and excellent options for ecotourism, especially in the Bijagos Archipelago.

Since 1996, the Bijagos archipelago has been listed by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve and boasts a great diversity of flora and fauna, including rare species of hippos and crocodiles.

The Bijagos Archipelago consists of 88 islands and islets and offers an interesting range of tourist attractions and accommodations in hotels and campsites on its main islands. We provide you with a list of accommodations in the Bijagos Archipelago as well as a more detailed section where you can find more information.

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