(*) ATTENTION: The price of the fast boat from Bissau to Bubaque and return to Bissau is 375,000 fcfa (572 €). This amount will be divided by the number of passengers.

1º The complite amount will be charged wether 1 or 10 passengers.
2º That amount will be charged as long as the go and return trip is into the same day.
3º For each waiting day of the boat, 25% of the amount (€ 143) will be charged.
4º The waiting days of the boat does not include excursions with it, it is just waiting.
5º For excursions consult prices according to destination.
6º Consulmar Bissau does not make groups any particular day.


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Information of interest:

Capacity of 10 passengers per boat.
Payment will be made in our Bissau office or on the boat.