We make Transfer Routes to tourist accommodations and main localities of the Bijagós Islands. Our speedboats also carry out Tourist excursions with expert guides to enjoy a comfortable and safe unforgettable visit.

The Reserve of the Biosphere on the Archipelago of the Bolama-Bijagós is a not-to-be-missed opportunty due to the diverse of flora y fauna with unique species of animals and inhabitants of the ancient culture in the 'Pueblo de Bijagós'.  

The best way to explore the area is to visit the Nature Parks of Orango and the National Park Marinho João Vieira e Poilão where you will able to see hippopotami, manatees, turtles and crocodiles together with a wide variety of birds and fish in a natural environment held back in time.

Another option is to visit the Isla de Canhabaque, passing through a tropical forest to see villages (tabancas) , ending at a breathtaking sandy beach. Our vessels are available for sightseeing with expert guides to allow you to enjoy an unforgettable tour safely and surely.

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The price includes the rental of the speedboat with crew and capacity for 10 people. All the routes are for reference. For a personalized trip, please contact to configure a trip according to the traveler interests (nature, animals, anthropology, fishing, etc.).

1 day routes:

Bissau - Bubaque - BissauPrice: 375.000xof/572€
Bissau - Bolama - Bubaque - BissauPrice: 450.000xof/686€
Bissau - Bolama - Canhabaque - Bissau
(The visit to Canhabaque will take place whenever the tide allows it)
Price: 450.000xof/686€
Bissau - Orango - BissauPrice: 525.000xof/800€

This price includes the round trip on the same day. If the return journey is not made on the same day, each day of waiting for the speedboat at the destination will have an additional cost of 25%, equivalent to 93,750 fcfa (€ 143).

3 days routes:

Bissau – Bubaque
Bubaque- Orango
Orango – Bissau
Price: 650.000xof/990€
Bissau – Bolama
Bolama – Bubaque
Bubaque – Canhabaque - Bissau
Price: 585.000xof/891€

4 days routes:

Price: 900.000xof/1.372€

7 days routes:

Bissau - Bolama
Bolama - Galinhas - Bubaque 
Bubaque - Rubane - Soga - Bubaque
Bubaque - Orango
Orango - Uno - Orango
Orango - Bissau
Price: 1.640.000xof/2500€

NOTE: These routes are recommended according to our experience, although we adapt them to the interests of our customers. Ask us for any alternative route you want to make.

Telephone contacts:

Zezinho: +245 955 94 90 17
Patche: +245 969 12 50 05
Office: +245 956 29 27 54
Europe Office: +34 944 800 375


Guinea-Bissau has beautiful beaches, ancient traditions and cultures, an historic heritage from the Portuguese era with excellent facilities for Ecotourism, fishing and relaxing, specifically on the Archipelago of Bijagós.

Since 1996, the Archipelago has been in the list of UNESCO as a Reserve of the Biosphere where there is a great diversity of flora and fauna including rare species of hippopotamos and crocodiles.
It covers 88 isolated isles. We have safe and sure Fast boats available to carry you to your chosen destination on the Archipelago in the most comfortable way together with the regular vessels sailing weekly to Bolama and Bubaque. We also have available (from Oct. 2017) excursions weekly at regular hours to the Nature Park of Orango or the Isle of Canhabaque from Bubaque or whichever other destination by Fast boat.

See list of accomodation available in Bijagós. 

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